In the Event of a Claim

In the Event of a Claim

1. Immediately notify Black Ink Insurance Services in writing or call us right away at (888) 777 7108.

Your immediate written notification to Black Ink Insurance Services should include:

    * A copy of the Summons and Complaint/Cross-Compliant/
    * Demand Letters/Demand for Arbitration and other notices.
    * Indicate the date that each person/entity was served.
    * Copy of your entire transaction files in chronological order. This should include all documents, agreements, correspondence, Notes, telephone logs, and any other information.
    * A detailed narrative memorandum of “what really happened” in chronological order. Tell us about any critical evidence that repudiates the plaintiff/claimant contentions.

2. Please do not...

    * Ignore the claim or attempt to handle it yourself
    * Admit any liability, pay or agree to pay monies to other parties.
    * Agree to attend any meetings involving the other party
    * Assign your own attorney.

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