Real Estate Errors & Omissions insurance will defend you and your company against claims made wherein someone believes they incurred financial harm because of something the Real Estate agent did or did not do.

Errors and Omissions is recommended as a preventative measure against actions taken against your company that could greatly effect income potential and hinder future transactions.

The policy is limited to liability for only those claims that are first made against the insured and reported to the company during the policy period.

E&O Insurance Coverage is available for the following industries:

    * Brokers And Agents
    * Mortgage Brokering
    * Property Management
    * Leasing
    * Title
    * Escrow
    * Appraisal
    * Home Inspection
    * Consulting

In addition to the above categories, we can also provide coverage for following industries as well:

    * Construction & Development
    * Directors And Officers
    * Workers Compensation
    * Business Office Packages ( BOP)

Additional benefits and features of Errors and Omissions insurance are:

    * Prior Acts Coverage (where applicable) will protect you against claims made on past transactions.
    * Pollution coverage adds protection for claims dealing with environmental issues.
    * Lockbox Coverage
    * Dual Deductible

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