Professional Real Estate Agent Liability Insurance

Professional Real Estate Agent Liability Insurance

As a company with nearly twenty years of providing for the needs of real estate agents, Black Ink Insurance Services provides a wide variety of quality options for real estate professional indemnity insurance. Black Ink Insurance Services realizes that not every real estate agent has the same needs or conducts the same types of business, so we make it a policy to tailor real estate professional liability insurance coverage to the specific needs of the client and company.

Black Ink Insurance Services has spent many years learning all there is to know about errors and omissions policies and real estate commercial liability policies. We can and will pass that information on to you so that you can make a good choice when it comes to buying E&O insurance. We will also give you the best possible customer service so that you are comfortable working with us, asking us questions, and relying on our advice to help you make good insurance choices.

What Makes Black Ink Insurance Services Different?

Purchasing professional indemnity insurance real estate can be confusing. However, Black Ink Insurance Services offers professional, friendly help and advice for all your real estate insurance needs.

Just how does Black Ink Insurance Services make a difference? We have a different approach to clients than many other real estate insurance firms. Here are a few ways we are different and why we feel it is important:

Fast answers to your questions. Realtors® who are looking for professional liability coverage do not want to wait to find out what they need to know. In fact, it is often important that they have rapid responses in order to make a quick decision regarding liability coverage or other insurance decisions. No real estate agent should ever be without liability coverage while they are conducting business, so it is very important to have rapid responses to any questions about coverage so that the real estate agent can make a quick decision and move on. Black Ink Insurance Services offers real estate agents the fastest possible turnaround time on any questions they have about insurance coverage.

Free advice based on experience. Our agents have been working with real estate agents in California for nearly 20 years. As professionals in this field, we have dealt with almost any type of real estate agency and issue and can provide the right advice for your company. We can find you the best coverage at the lowest price, and best of all, our advice is our free service to you!

Accurate and reliable information. Not only will we give real estate agent fast answers to their questions but we will also take the time to ensure that our information is accurate and reliable. You can trust us for accurate information about liability insurance coverage for you, you workers and your business. Whether you need information on errors and omissions coverage or just general information on what type of insurance coverage would be best for your business and for you personally, we can help.

Zero obligation and zero hassle. One of the great things about dealing with Black Ink Insurance Services is that we will never use high-pressure sales tactics to push our customers into buying any products or hassle them about their decisions. We are an independent broker and we represent you, the client, with dozens of possible insurance carriers. We do not work for these insurance companies, so we are not motivated to push one product over another and can focus on what is truly best for you and your business. Our company policy is always to give you a range of options to help you find the right insurance for your needs, not to push a particular product.

Black Ink Insurance Company is a broker rather than an agent. That means that we represent the client and have a fiduciary duty to you. An agent, on the other hand, has a fiduciary duty to a particular insurance company. As an independent insurance broker, we have access to dozens of companies that are ready to work with you to find the right insurance coverage for yourself, your employees and your firm.

Black Ink Insurance Company: Years of Satisfied Customers

Finding the right coverage for real estate agents has been our specialty for nearly 20 years. Very early on in our company's history we realized that in order to excel at what we do, we needed to focus on a very narrow range of insurance products. Our choice was to focus on real estate errors and omissions and liability insurance. We are so glad we did! For many years now, our customers have given us top marks for our knowledge and expertise in the field of real estate liability coverage.

We know that running a business is not easy, and it is especially difficult if those who support your business do not keep your best interests at heart. It is also very difficult to operate successfully if you do not have all the information you need to make good decisions about your company.

At Black Ink Insurance Services, we always have your best interests at the forefront of our thoughts. The relationship between you and our company is our most important asset, and we have built a reputation on caring about our clients' needs. When you work with Black Ink Insurance Services, you will find that we can give you the very lowest prices and the very best products with plenty of options for your insurance coverage.

We will also support you with reliable information to help you make good decisions about your coverage. As an independent insurance broker, we are not tied down to a single carrier or policy type. Instead, we are free to make recommendations from any of the dozens of companies with whom we have a working relationship.

Black Ink Insurance Services is ready to work with you, as an individual real estate agent or as the owner of a large realty firm, to find the best possible errors and omissions and liability policies at the best prices.

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